How To Be Safe When You’re Driving Your Car

How To Be Secure When You’re Driving Your Automobile
Each of us seems to take advantage of the simple fact that they have a car. However, a lot of people neglect to consider different car safety issues. Here are a few safety tips that every drivers should follow.
It doesn’t matter what, many people are going to end up breaking down at some time throughout their lives. This could be something as straightforward as a flat tire, or something more complex like transmission issues. In order to avoid unnecessary breakdowns, be sure to have a mechanic look at your fluid levels and your tires at least twice a year and do a full tune up on a yearly basis.
However, you can still find yourself trapped. In case of a trouble with your automobile, do your best to get the car far off the road and put some flares around it so people will know there’s a problem. Furthermore whenever possible, make an effort to get driving instructors singapore to a well lit area where there are plenty of people around.
Another fact to watch for is theft of your truck. Every 20 seconds a car is taken in the United States. Taking certain actions will lessen the likelihood of somebody stealing your car. First of all, make sure to lock your car although private driving instructor singapore may think you don’t have to. Yet another good idea is to purchase a locking device just like the “Club” to place on your steering wheel. Lots of thieves do not even try to break into a car with one of those. One last thing you may want to do is purchase a car alarm system. The sound of a car alarm normally frightens driving school singapore ubi and they leave as soon as possible.
Another important thing you can do to be safer is to build a pack of emergency supplies for your car. This kit should contain flares and jumper cables and an urgent situation water supply. Along with a non battery-operated, self-powered radio can be another useful item you probably want to have with you. It’s also vital that you have a map in your glove compartment in the event you get lost or need to find an alternate route.
One very last thing you need to keep with you is a cell phone. In case your car should stop working between towns, you will be very glad to have one This will ensure it is useful to call for emergency situation help from the police or a mechanic. Keeping a cell phone with you when you’re traveling is the best way to avoid having to spend the night in your car because you have the option of getting in touch with someone who can help you get to where you’re going.
Basic Theory Test
The Basic Theory Test (BTT Test) is the initial step to getting your driving license in Singapore.The Basic Theory Test is conducted by the Traffic Police in Singapore.
Who is the Basic Theory Test (BTT) for?
Any Singaporean who wishes to get his/her driving license who is at least 18 years of age Any Singapore Permanent Resident (PR) who wants to get his/her driving license who is at least 18 years of age.
Any immigrants who wish to transform their international driving licenses need to pass the Basic Theory Test (BTT) in Singapore. Overseas theory test outcomes are not permissible for factor to consider by the Traffic Police
Whether you are a Singaporean/ PR going for your Traffic Police test or an immigrant who is looking to convert your overseas driving license, you must pass the Basic Theory Test.
The Basic Theory Test examination (actual test) is carried out by the Singapore Traffic Police in any of the driving centers in Singapore.
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